Thyroid Hope Angels
Lindsey lived life to the fullest and taught everyone she met that life might not be easy but enjoyment is worth the hard work. Lindsey loved to run and one of her favorite things to do was to go running on the Atlantic City boardwalk. When her body wouldn’t work with her, with blisters all over her feet, she would still walk to the boardwalk just to sit and enjoy the water… It is with this vision that we are creating the Thyroid Hope Angels – a team of runners, fundraisers and/ or cheerleaders for the Atlantic City Race Series.

How to Participate:

1. Runners ONLY:

     - Register for the race of your choice at:
     - Donate $20 to Thyroid Hope to join the team
     - Email Jackie at with your name and chosen race

2. Fundraisers: Write Jackie and set a goal for fundraising (minimum $100), then start fundraising!!!
    Information will be sent to you shortly.

3. EVERYONE: Come out to the race and cheer on the team!!!

Post-Race Party
All supporters will be invited to a post-race party. Details will be shared closer to the event.