The Thyroid Hope Foundation was founded in 2012 with the mission to raise money to support thyroid cancer research and educate others about this disease. It was inspired by the desire to help Lindsey Britchkow fight to live life. Our goal is to find a cure and improve the lives of those living with these rare forms of thyroid cancer. With the help of donations and our fundraising efforts, we will continue to see improvements and options for all those affected.

Thyroid Hope Foundation Board of Directors:

Bryan Britchkow                   Jaclyn Britchkow                  Amanda Hartung                  Marc Lichtman                 Daniel Rivlin                 Todd Ruoff


Thyroid Hope…
No words can express
The feelings you get
When you walk through the hospital doors.

The chairs are all filled
With a diverse group of patients
Awaiting the treatment they came for.

Although you’d expect
Sadness and frustration
That’s rarely what you’d see.

Everyone there
Is not giving up
Fighting to kill their disease.

Each faces their battle
Dealing with their situation
Finding different ways to cope.

But the one thing that is universal
Prevalent among all
Is their enduring strength and hope.

A hope that one day
A cure is found
And cancer’s a thing of the past.

That there is no more pain
No more treatments needed
Back to a ‘normal’ life at last.

But until that day comes
Patients deal with their reality
Keeping their optimism alive

While the rest of us can help
By supporting the research
Being done to ensure more survive.